U.S. coronavirus crisis worsens, New York reports new 7,681 cases

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The U.S. coronavirus crisis keeps aiming for the stratosphere as it reached new milestone of 112,560 on Saturday.
New York alone reported 7,681 new cases, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo.
The U.S. is now surging far ahead of Italy and China as the country with the most coronavirus diagnoses in the world.
Cuomo said another 209 people died overnight, taking the death toll to 729.
That number also brought the total number of people killed across the United States to 1920.
Worldometers.info gave a lower estimate of 1,848 deaths as at 6pm Nigerian time.
Governor Cuomo said: ‘Most (of those killed) had underlying illnesses but that does not make it feel any better”.
The State of New York now has 52,318 coronavirus patients, 7,328 of whom are in hospital.
Of those hospitalised, 1,755 are in intensive care.
Cuomo revealed that 2,726 patients who tested positive for coronavirus have since been discharged, an increase of 681 overnight.
According to scientific models estimate, New York will reach the ‘apex’ of the virus in about 14-21 days.
Then, the number of people infected and dying will peak.

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