U.S. coronavirus cases, deaths spike

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Close to 65,000 coronavirus cases have been diagnosed in the United States, after about 10,000 cases were confirmed on Wednesday.
The deaths are also rising quickly.
There are now 910 deaths. 130 of them happened today. Recovery rate is poor: 383 out of 64765 cases.
With U.S. tailing Italy’s 74,386 cases of coronavirus, there are fears that the world’s biggest economy may soon become the new epicentre of the virus in the entire world.
There are fears that the U.S. could also cancel Italy and China’s 81,218 case records.
New York remains the most hit state with 30,000 confirmed cases, almost 50 per cent of the national total and 10 times the cases recorded in nearby New Jersey..
New York City has more than half of the cases in New York state. It has 17,000 cases, while Westchester County has 4,000 and Nassau County 3,000 .
Governor Andrew Cuomo has begged the Trump government to send down medical supplies, especially ventilators to take care of the people afflicted by the virus.

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