Oyo APC alleges plot to stampede judiciary in guber legal tussle

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They’re only expressing their plan, says PDP

As attention shifts to the Supreme Court for the final resolution of the controversy surrounding the conduct of the 2019 gubernatorial poll in Oyo State, the All Progressives Congress (APC) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have been accusing each other of plan to stampede and sabotage the judiciary.

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The APC alleged that the PDP had been planning to stampede the judiciary while the ruling party in the state said the opposition party was only exposing itself.

A statement yesterday by its Assistant Publicity Secretary, Ayobami Adejumo, the APC raised the alarm that it had uncovered plans by the Makinde camp to embark on sponsorship of street protests, media write-ups and broadcast media content aimed at creating an overwhelming impression that Makinde won a free and fair mandate and any attempt by the judiciary to act on its findings would spark public unrest in the state.

The party also alleged that it had uncovered plans by Governor Oluseyi Makinde and the PDP to heat up the polity with a view to stampeding the judiciary and whipping up undue sentiments.“In demonstration of their desperation to hold on to a stolen mandate, Governor Makinde and his lackeys have concluded plans to devote enormous resources of the state to certain activities aimed at misleading the Supreme Court over the all-important case before it. In fact, the arrowhead of the plot is a turncoat currently serving in the PDP government and who is popular for constituting a nuisance in the mass media at any given opportunity.

“As much as we would not make any attempt to pre-empt the apex court and discuss the case before it, we are optimistic that justice would be done very soon.”But in a swift response, the PDP, through its Publicity Secretary, Akeem Olatunji, said that the APC was only expressing their plan. He said: “Probably they are only expressing what they are planning. God will expose them. They should allow the judiciary to do its work. Everybody knew who won the last governorship election. The verdict on the Oyo State House of Assembly held in the same day that were upheld led credence to this.“What the APC couldn’t get through the ballot box, the party wants to get it through court. But men of the judiciary are men of integrity.”

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