No silent war with Funke Akindele, says Toyin Abraham

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Actress and producer, Toyin Abraham has reacted to the alleged ‘silent beef’ between her and Funke Akindele-Bello.

Abraham stated in a radio interview that Akindele-Bello is one of the few people in the industry she looks up to but their relationship remains cordial as one does not necessarily need to have close bonds with everyone.

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Toyin also revealed whenever she sees Funke in public, she kneels down to greet her as a sign of respect, adding social media is attempting to create rancor where there isn’t any.

Abraham said” “She’s my senior colleague and she’s someone I respect a lot so I don’t know what people are talking about. Trust me.

“She’s probably one of the few people I look up to. A lot of times, people don’t understand that we are colleagues, not family. So you cannot be talking to all your colleagues.

“We talk, we follow each other. If I see her, I will kneel down as and say, “Aunty Funke, se wa (are you) okay?

She added: “But the point is, a lot of people don’t understand that, we are working in the same space so you don’t have to be my friend.

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“Forget social media, trust me.”

This development follows after actress Iyabo Ojo took a swipe at Funke Akindele for allegedly paying a review platform to discredit a new movie by Toyin Abraham.

The Nation gathered Abraham’s new movie ‘Ghost and the tout too’, which premiered in the cinemas on Friday, September 10, was reviewed by a platform that specialises in reviewing movies – Cinema Pointer.

But CinemaPointer, in its review, ranked Akindele’s ‘Omo Ghetto: The Saga’ above Abraham’s new film.

It described Abraham’s movie as “a haplessly brain-dead story”.

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In an Instagram post, @cinemapointer, wrote: “Not recommended for intelligent people. Over the years, we have told you many truths but non-greater than this: Intelligent minds were not taken into consideration at all in the writing and in the making of ‘Ghost and The Tout Too’. Thusly, intelligent minds will not enjoy it at all,” it wrote in its review of Abraham’s movie.

It added: “Regardless of how flagrantly it copycats off ‘Ómó Ghetto: The Saga’ desperately hoping to shine like it. Unlike that one ‘The Ghost and The Tout Too’ doesn’t understand that movie-making is rooted in brain-work and not in using cinema to do ‘Yahoo’,abusing stardoms to fleece fandoms”, the review read in part.

Reacting, Ojo said: “How much did Funke pay you to write this rubbish? The day she begins to find ways not to talk bad about her fellow colleagues or try to discredit their hard work or personality, that day she will begin to experience inner peace.

“Na social media you go dey form better person. I know you and you know me, we know ourselves wella and you @cinemapointer go back and tell your sender that no matter how many times you try to pull Toyin down of discredit her works, it won’t work”, the comment reads in part.

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