Nigerians react as Lagos records 70 COVID-19 new cases

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Nigerians on social media have reacted to the surge in coronavirus cases in Lagos State.
The Nigeria Center for Disease Control on Sunday announced that 86 new cases of coronavirus.
However, out of the 86, Lagos recorded 70 cases.
Some Nigerians who were shocked, took to their social media pages to lament.
While some expressed displeasure in the number of cases confirmed, others wondered how long it would take before the lockdown order would elapse.
Here are some comments:
@the ajebutter104 ” NCDC Dropped it like a banger.86 new cases70 in Lagos and you don’t want to stay in your house? Look at Me, You are a mumu.”
@rinudear ” 70 in Lagos alone? Lord, I have never repeated classes in my life but can we please repeat 2019 .”
@olafweshy” 70 in Lagos. Are you whining me?DJ, please play me “IJOBA ORUN”.”
@realdreylo ” NCDC always comes to announce these cases in the night so that when we sleep we will forget about it. 86 new cases?!! 70 in lagos!! Does lagos think this is the presidential election?”
@ Bhadmusakeem ”70 in Lagos is huge tho.”
@obongnovel ”70 in Lagos, Lord I want to go back to my village.”
@toluteezy ”70 in Lagos, Lagos keeps topping the league everyday, I thought Lagos is on lockdown. So who is spreading the virus?”
@shybloggerpr ”70 in Lagos is not what is paining me alone, but the fact that I’ve been locked indoors for over 3 weeks just because I want to ‘stop the spread’ and yet the numbers keep increasing.”
@random_ized ”70 in Lagos the way things are going we are graduating from lockdown to shutdown.”
@volqx ”NCDC just dropped the new cases and we have 70 in Lagos only, guys forget the 3-month assumptions, I think everyone should start sewing Christmas clothes.”
@swaggzeez ”70 in Lagos in the last 24hours. God should please save us. This America just a month ago, from 200 deaths and its 40k today. God won’t let our own case be like this.”
@ernest_onefe ”70 in Lagos, Brace yourselves guys. This is gonna be a long break .”
@ispeakintegrity ”So disheartening! 86 New cases. The numbers aren’t beautiful. And 70 in Lagos. Do I need to tell Lagosians that this year may be for LockDown? ”
@bola_blvck ” 70 in Lagos?? I don’t believe this.”
@hoezia ”Me viewing the breakdown of the new cases. 70 in Lagos ke!! God help us.”

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