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Presidency to Shehu Sani: You are a political blogger, an unbeliever

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Bashir Ahmad, Personal Assistant on New Media to President Muhammadu Buhari and Senator Shehu Sani on Thursday tangled over the comment made by the president which says 90 percent of Boko Haram’s victims are Muslims.

Senator Shehu Sani said the statement by President Buhari was correct but the hatred against Christians by the terrorist group cannot be denied.

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“It’s true that d (the) majority of d (the) victims of d (the) insurgents are Muslims; It’s also true that d (the) victims of their violence cuts across people of all faiths & of no faith; But it’s undeniable that d insurgents harbour an ideologically gruesomely murderous hatred against all Christians,” Shehu Sani wrote on Twitter, Thursday.

Reacting to the statement made by the former lawmaker, Bashir Ahmad wrote: “Dear former Senator sir, you pretty know that those insurgents see everybody, both Christians and Muslims including you (if you’re not part of them) as completely an unbeliever. As a political ‘blogger’ please use your influence to correct the stereotype. Be a good Ambassador.”

The part of Bashir Ahmad’s statement which insinuated that the former lawmaker could be part of a terrorist group, however, stirred a reaction from Senator Shehu Sani and he wrote: My Brother(Bashir Ahmad), just a look at my face and your face, my hair and your Goatee, the one that closely looks like an Insurgent is clear. My regards Sheikh Albashiru.”

“The notorious Muhammed Yusuf didn’t have a goatee like me, his face wasn’t much different from yours, sir. And addressing me as Sheikh Albashiru is an honour, will never be an insult when my knowledge makes people recognize me as Sheikh, then I’ve made it in this life,” Bashir Ahmad replied.

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