Majority of US voters support Trump’s removal

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A new poll by Politico/Morning Consult shows that a majority of registered voters support impeaching and removing US President Donald Trump after the House voted on Wednesday to impeach him.

The poll released Friday found that 52 percent of voters support the House’s decision to impeach Trump, and 51 percent would support a decision by the Senate to remove him.

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Meanwhile, 43 percent said they opposed impeaching Trump and 42 percent said they would oppose his removal.

Like in Congress, voter support for impeachment was largely divided along party lines. Eighty-five percent of Democrats said they approved of impeachment while just 17 percent of Republicans said the same.

Independents were fairly divided, as 48 percent said they approved of the impeachment while 41 percent disapproved of it.

A total of 1,387 registered voters were surveyed between Dec. 19 and 20, which came after the House voted to approve articles of impeachment against Trump this week. The margin of error in their responses is plus or minus three percentage points.

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