Iyaloja Oshodi discusses online shopping amid lockdown

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Mrs. Folasade Banjoko, the Iyaloja (leader of traders) at the popular Oshodi market on Thursday discussed the situation of business since the lockdown order by President Muhammadu Buhari.
According to Banjoko, shops operating online cannot surpass those in regular markets despite strict restrictions by the federal and state government.
She said; “Either open market or online market, I honestly don’t believe anyone is buying anything at this moment, for instance, clothes and jewelry, where are they going that they are buying these things.
“Online marketing is glamorous but it can never take the place or outshine regular markets, variety is the spice of life they say, regular markets gives you that.
“Online shopping only gives you the comfort of shopping from your comfort zone, but as we all know, no pain no gain, with this Coronavirus thing, it’s only wise to do online for now.
“These are tough times, for us who operate our businesses at the market, I just want to appeal to every market men and women to stay at home; no amount of money is worth any human’s life.
“The best to do now is to comply with the government so we can eradicate this pandemic that has held the whole world to a standstill,” she said.
She, however, said that encouraging market women to partake in online marketing, isn’t a bad idea.
“I am not against it, don’t get me wrong. I’m in my 60’s and going to the market is what I have done all my life, but honestly, times are changing, the younger generation has what works for them.
“As long as you know how to go about your online business I think the opportunity created by the online business should be tapped into,” she said.

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