How Nigeria can win battle against Lassa Fever, Coronavirus – Atiku

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Nigeria’s former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar has proffer solution how Nigeria can win the battle against raging Lassa Fever in the country and put machinery in place to fight Coronavirus in case of emergency.

Lassa Fever is currently raging in many states in Nigeria, with health officials battling to curtail the deadly disease.

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Reacting to the development, Atiku said the Nigerian government needed to fight Lassa Fever with the same zeal it fought the deadly Ebola in 2014.

He said there must be swift response from health and emergency officials to battle Lassa Fever and get ready for the threat posed by Coronavirus.

“In 2014, Nigeria confronted and quashed the dreaded Ebola disease. The swift battle was won by careful screening and rapid isolation.

“Let us apply the same level of “world-class epidemiological detective work” in the case of Lassa Fever and the looming Coronavirus.

“Awareness and education are also the most potent tools for combating Lassa Fever and Coronavirus. Please share these materials with all family and friends,” he said.

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