How 127 Ivory Coast returnees escalated Coronavirus in Osun

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The Coronavirus cases in Osun State escalated because of 127 indigenes who returned from Ivory Coast, recently, investigation has revealed.
Nine cases of the virus were recorded on Wednesday in Osun, taking its total from five to 14, according to the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, NCDC.
Most of those who tested positive for the disease are from the 127 returnees quarantined at Unity School, Ejigbo, Osun State.
The 127 people were initially quarantined at Wole Soyinka High School, Ejigbo before they were moved to Unity School, with police provided to guard them.
PM News gathered that the 127 returnees came through Ogun State where they were denied entrance because of the closure of the border, but the Osun State Government reportedly prevailed against the Ogun State Government to grant the returnees passage.
They were reportedly escorted to Ejigbo in Osun State where they were quarantined.
Tayo Adebowale, President, Ejigbo Eagles Club confirmed to PM News that 127 returnees from Ivory Coast were quarantined in Ejigbo and that some of them allegedly escaped to meet with their families as the police guarding them were allegedly bribed.
According to him, security operatives allowed them to mix with the people with some escaping, who were later arrested by the police after spending two days with their families.
He said some of those arrested had tested positive for Coronavirus, saying that cases of infection might be higher in the area as the people had mixed with the infected suspects.
Adebowale alleged that seven of the nine people who tested positive for the disease were among the returnees, saying that more people were already positive as more results would soon be announced.
He also expressed fear that the lockdown in Osun State was not being obeyed by the people, especially in Ejigbo, the epicentre of Coronavirus in the State, as youths took to the streets playing football and others roam the streets aimlessly.
Adebowale called on the Inspector General of Police to deploy more police to Ejigbo to enforce the lockdown as the people seemed to be ignorant about the danger posed by Coronavirus.
He also called for more testing facilities in the state as the only testing site right now is the Redeemers University, Ede.
It was also gathered that some of the returnees attempted escape because of the poor facilities at the Unity School where they were isolated.
Sources said there were no toilet facilities and other social amenities to cater for their needs, which informed agitation in the camp.
However, the Osun State Government, on its twitter handle said it had recorded an increasing number of confirmed cases in the past few days.
“This of course isn’t a pleasant development but the good news is that the State is firmly on top of the situation.
“The confirmed cases in the State isn’t a case of community transmission yet, but a situation of transmission within a controlled group.
“They are returnees from a neighbouring African Country who the State Government proactively received, isolated and tested,” it said.
On allegation of the police taking bribe, the Osun State Police Command denied such claim.
Police Public Relations Officer, Osun State, Yemisi Opalola told PM News that the police did not take bribe from those in isolation.
She said it was soldiers who were initially guarding the 127 people quarantined and that the Osun State Police Command had now deployed policemen to man the facility.
Opalola also denied that some of those quarantined escaped and mixed up with the people.

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