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Reps to stop budgetary allocations to MDAs without audited account

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The House Representatives on Monday threatened to stop further releases of budgetary allocations to all government agencies that fail to submit their audited account to the office of the Auditor General of the Federation.

The House threatened to name and shame all MDAs that have failed to submit their audited account, aside deploying the constitutional instrument of arrest and frowned at instances where MDAs invited to appear before its Public Accounts Committee, saying such action is a clear indication that they have something to hide.

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Chairman of the Public Account Committee of the House, Rep. Oluwole One who was visibly angry at the actions of the MDAs told them that while they were not out to do the work, they are determined to find out why the agencies fail to submit their record of audited account to the Auditor General’s office as required by law.

He said “when it comes to performing the duty of spending money as Chief Executive, you that judiciously. But when it comes to rendering account, you are hesitant in doing so. If you don’t render account, how will the Auditor General be able to audit the account of the country and tell us the state of our finances?

“This Parliament is determined to prove all those people who say we are rubber stamp wrong. We are determined to do our job. It will no longer be business as usual. We believe that the MDAs that are not here have something to hide.

Rep Oke was particularly not happy with the absence of the Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service and the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, saying it was a sign of disrespect for the Parliament.

He turned down an Assistant General Manager who announced that he was representing the Chairman of the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission, saying they invited the Chairman of the Commission.

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