Disquiet in Senate over N100b constituency cash

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The alleged lopsided sharing of N100 billion constituency projects fund is causing disaffection in the Senate.

The fund is meant for projects in senators’ constituencies.

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Some senators said some of their colleagues were “unduly favoured” in the distribution of the fund.

According to them, while some were allocated up to N500 million, others received less than N200 million for execution of projects in their constituencies.

It was leant that to nip the brewing disquiet in the bud, some senators hurriedly planned a vote of confidence motion in Senate President Ahmad Lawan.

The motion was aborted due to lack of quorum.

It was learnt that those who were “favoured” in the allocation of the fund, were behind the confidence vote.

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Findings showed that some ranking senators whose names were on the list as sponsors of the confidence vote, disassociated themselves from it in the last minute “because they were not consulted before their names were included”.

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