Coronavirus: David Mark calls on Nigerians to support govt efforts

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Former President of the Senate, Sen. David Mark on Tuesday called on Nigerians to join forces with Federal and State Governments in the ongoing battle against the Coronavirus pandemic in the country.
Mark made the call in a statement issued by Paul Memuh, his media aide.
He said the spread of the virus reinforced the urgent need for all citizens to comply with the stay-at-home order and adhere strictly to health advise on how to stay safe.
Mark urged Nigerians to accept the discomfort and cooperate with authorities in order to curtail and ultimately end the spread of the virus.
He enjoined authorities, especially law enforcement agencies, to apply internationally accepted standards of enforcement by respecting the human rights procedures, the rule of law and operating with a human face.
“It is necessary to observe all safety measures on both sides so that we will not unwittingly create more problems rather than solving them. After all, the whole essence is the safety of all,” Mark said.
He reminded authorities that the primary objective of government was the welfare and security of the citizenry, a task he described as sacred and covenant with the people.
Mark said that the scourge would be surmountable only if all citizens complied with the preventive measures, no matter the discomfort.
He said it was better to be inconvenienced temporarily to avoid the consequences of the virus.

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