Coalition seeks help from govt, security agencies to end killings

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Coalition of Northern Organisations (CNO) has called on patriotic Nigerians to rally round government and security agencies, with actionable intelligence, in tackling the killings, kidnapping and armed banditry ravaging parts of the country.
Addressing a press conference in Kaduna on Wednesday, CNO, spokesman, Comrade Adamu Kabir Matazu, said that the rising cases of insecurity across the country calls for the support of every individual, group and community to bring it to an end as government and security agencies cannot do it alone without the support and assistance of the people in the various communities.
Reacting to threats recently issued by Coalition of Northern Groups to shut down government and cause civil unrest if Federal Government failed to arrest insecurity across the country in two weeks, Matazu described CNG as money mongers, who are out to make monetary gains from the security challenges for themselves and their principals.
“We call on all patriots to join us in the crusade of freeing Nigeria from the shackles of armed banditry and terrorism by playing our role as active citizens in different categories of our society whether as students and youth groups, Community Based Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, women groups or traditional rulers. We must consistently provide our security agencies with intelligence to help them neutralize all emerging threats.
“Individuals, groups and communities in different localities must come together to form Community Security Taskforce in collaboration and under the supervision of our security agencies to protect their communities, pass actionable intelligence, defend their communities and resist the activities of armed bandits, terrorists and other militant groups.
“Rather than rising against the government, we must rise in unison against our common enemies.
“President Muhammadu Buhari was ushered in with a plethora of challenges, principal of which was a steep and steady decline into a full blown insecurity. However, it is on record that the government breasted the tape of the challenge and reclaimed the Nigerian territory previously under the full grips of Boko Haram terrorists and ISWAP collaborators in record time.
“This feat was achieved thanks to the enormous sacrifice of our gallant security agencies. There is a salient need to applaud the daily sacrifices of our men and women in uniform who against all odds have continued to decisively deal with issues of insecurity ranging from the remnant of Boko Haram/ ISWAP, armed banditry, rampant kidnapping and other forms of criminal enterprise.
“We must dispassionately make an assessment of how far we have come as a nation with a view to effectively harnessing the gains recorded and channeling same to achieving sustainable peace to guarantee overall national development which will in turn force down the vicious forces of darkness exerting adversely on our dear nation.
“We are not also oblivious of the fact that recently there are setbacks and isolated incident of Boko Haram attacks in Borno state and resurgence of banditry in Sokoto, Katsina and Zamfara states which is being unnecessarily amplified by enemies of this nation with active support of political hawks and crisis merchants.
“Despite acknowledged temporary setbacks which our security forces will soon overcome, we shall never allow the politicization of insecurity by those who profit from an atmosphere of chaos and insecurity. Groups that specialize in advance fee fraud to extort money by appealing to the emotions and insecurity situations.
“The characters involved in such shenanigans are on the payroll of foreign elements with the intention of destabilizing our democratically elected government through illegitimate means and under the smokescreen of insecurity. We make bold to say that this is nothing but an act of sedition that must be resisted by all patriots.
“We warn the organizers of the planned self-serving protest to discard the idea and go back to inform their sponsors that this evil machination has failed because the majority of Nigerians whose mandate the present administration led by Muhammadu Buhari enjoyed has rejected them and those who bankrolled them during the last general election, and will jealously safeguard the mandate they so entrusted.
“They came under different nomenclature such as COALITION OF NORTHERN GROUPS (CNG) which they used to threaten Igbo residence in Northern Nigeria with an ultimatum to go back to the East or risk being killed.
“Same characters launched an illegal security outfits with a day hired branded security vans which they christened SHEGE KA FASA and now COALITION AGAINST KILLINGS IN NORTHERN NIGERIA (CAKIN) using it to issue 2 weeks ultimatum and threatening to shut down government and cause civil unrest to topple democratically elected government. This is a joke taken too far
“The principal actors are people without a known job or business but living a life of luxury from the money they makes from extortions and fear mongering. They are cash and carry activists who run most often than not unregistered organizations with specialization in political extortions. These characters and their willing collaborators are enemies of peace and security and can sell their birthright for porridge.
“Coalition of Northern Organization will henceforth resist and confront where necessary all enemies of peace and security across the entire length and breadth of our country by whatever name they are called or metamorphose into because those who sees insecurity issues as opportunity to blackmail our security agencies and drawback the clock of progress will have us to contend with going forward,” the CNO spokesman said.

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