China locks down community as new coronavirus outbreak feared

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China has imposed a lockdown on the county of Jia in central Henan province after three doctors tested positive despite showing no symptoms.
The county in Henan Province, with about 570,000 residents, halted transport in and out of the area as well as local buses and taxis from Monday, according to a government notice.
Regional officials ordered all villages, towns and residential complexes to activate their ‘wartime mechanism’ amid fears for a fresh outbreak, another notice said.
China imposed the new measures over fears that there could be a renewed outbreak of the virus in the area.
The Daily Mail reported China’s concerns about a second wave of coronavirus epidemic because of the influx of people arriving from abroad.
There were also fears about the so-called ‘silent carriers’, who suffer no symptoms and can pass on the virus inadvertently.
By Wednesday, the coronavirus had killed 22 people and infected 1,273 in Henan.
With more than 109 million people, Henan is the third most populous province in mainland China.
According to the Jia County Coronavirus Control and Prevention Office, all neighbourhoods must enforce strict isolation measures and prohibit their residents from making unnecessary journeys.
All residential complexes must keep only one gate for people to enter and exit, and each household can only send one member out per day to do shopping.
All residents must wear a face mask while outside.
They must also use a health code or health coupon to prove they are virus-free before being allowed in shops, communities or other public places.

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