Breaking: Spain shaking off coronavirus, death toll plunges

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Spain appears to be shaking off the coronavirus epidemic after it posted another set of low figures of cases and deaths.
According to the update provided by, the new deaths on Saturday were 272.
The figure was a sharp fall from the 634 deaths recorded on Friday.
Confirmed cases also plunged from 5,051 to 3,579, taking the national toll to 161,852 and second to U.S. humongous record of 503,177.
Death toll is also now 16,353, third to Italy 18,849 and United States 18,761 deaths.
Since Thursday, Spain has been posting lower single-day numbers of new cases and related deaths.
This is according to the data released by the Spanish Ministry for Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare.
The World Health Organisation and many observers believe Spain to be past the peak of the virus.
But Spain is not letting down its guards against the virus.
Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said he would seek an extension of the lockdown from parliament.
‘The fire starts to come under control’ Sanchez told MPs in Madrid.
He said the country would have ‘total victory’ over COVID-19.

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