Breaking: Global coronavirus death toll hits over 30,000

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The death toll from the coronavirus pandemic reached a new milestone overnight on Sunday with nearly 31,000 people dead worldwide.
According to data from, 30,923 people had died from the virus by Sunday morning.
Italy accounted for a third of the deaths, leading with 10,023. Spain reported 5,982 deaths and China where the virus originated from in late 2019, has 3,300 deaths.
United States which reported its first coronavirus infection on 20 January, has seen the fatalities rising to 2,229 out of 123,780 confirmed infections.
France, the fourth worst hit nation in Europe has 2,314 deaths. Confirmed cases have ballooned to 37,575 despite the lockdown.
In the Middle East, Iran remains the most blighted by the virus with 2,517 deaths out of 35,418 cases.
Germany which trails Italy and Spain in confirmed cases has kept its fatality low: 455 cases out of a humongous 58,247 confirmed cases of the virus.
In U.K. the death toll broke the 1,000 mark on Saturday.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Britons in a letter today that the worse is still to come. The country is enforcing a lockdown as confirmed cases soared to 17,089.
The global tally of infections is now 665,855 with total recoveries standing at 142,474.

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