Breaking: Coronavirus death toll tops 100,000, cases close to 1.7m

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Global coronavirus death toll crossed the 100,000 mark on Friday. And it is still rising.
It now stands at 101,557, with over 60 per cent of the fatalities accounted for by just five countries.
Italy has 18,849, the U.S. 18,015, Italy 15,970, France 13,197 and U.K.8,958.
The five countries have 61,792 fatalities as at Friday.
Five other countries also posted death toll above 2,000.
They are Iran with 4,232 deaths, China 3,336, Germany 2,607, Belgium 3,019 and the Netherlands 2511.
Turkey and Switzerland have over a thousand deaths each.
As the death toll from the virus exploded Friday, confirmed cases are also rising exponentially.
From fewer than a million a week ago, they are now 1,676,820 cases globally.
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