Bobrisky discloses how rich he is

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Self acclaimed queen of Snap chat and Nigeria’s male barbie Bobrisky is crushing on herself today.
Bob disclosed in a post that he is currently working with more than 15 beauty brands and no one can take her place in the game.
Read the post…
Bobrisky is popularly known to be the most famous QUEEN ? ON SNAPCHAT in Nigeria . She is beautiful, sassy, elegant, and super classy. That is not all yet ! Queen bob she is super rich. Over 15 beauty brand are presently working with her. I don’t think anyone is sitting on her THRONE ? anytime soon because she keep giving us d vibe. I welcome you all BOBRISKY ?
Okuneye Idris first started wearing makeup and wigs before completely switching to female clothes and other accessories.
Although Bobrisky is male, he has had some surgeries which include boobs and buttocks to make him look feminine and attractive.

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