Aisha Buhari: President’s aides not defending govt

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First Lady Aisha Buhari on Thursday   lamented that ministers and  public officers close to the Presidency were not doing enough to defend the President and the Federal Government.

She said the public officers could  not afford to “keep mute” while fake news merchants attempt to “take over the government.”

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Mrs Buhari spoke during a phone-in on”Journalists Hangout,” a programme on Television Continental (TVC).   Panelists on the programme were discussing the controversy generated by the First Lady’s remarks last week on governance failure.

Mrs. Buhari warned that the failure to curb fake news was putting social cohesion in jeopardy and threatening the peace.

She defended her right to comment on national issues, adding that she would only stop talking if “the right people” get into “the right places,” and work towards improving Nigerians’ lives.

The First Lady denied blaming the government “specifically” for the suffering of Nigerians.

Mrs. Buhari said: ‘Actually, we all know the situation in the country at this time… If I wanted to blame the government, I would have called the governor and tell him: ‘you know, you are not doing well on this   and that.’

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“But if you listened to my conversation then, I said what we are suffering from now is as a result of long-term or total neglect of what should be offered to the citizens.

“And we are all suffering from it, whether you are an executive or  you are an ordinary citizen, it is all the same. You can’t go to our villages and sleep with two eyes closed. So, it cuts across.

Mrs Buhari challenged ministers to speak up in  favour of  President   Buhari  and  Vice President Yemi Osinbajo  when they are unfairly attacked.

She said: “On that very day, I also mentioned something on social media when the Sultan of Sokoto talked about social media and  the bad effects on the society “

“When something happens, something that a minister is supposed to come out and say, they don’t say it.

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